Urban Hydro-Logics is a resource portal about the integration of water, urbanism and landscape design. It features articles, technical solutions and resources that showcase innovative water management design ideas. Projects that promote best management practices for stormwater management (BMPs), low impact development standards (LID), water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and other ecological approaches, are all welcome to submit work for publication.

At Urban Hydrologics we sustain that Watershed Based Planning is one of the most important strategies to foster livable urban regions in the 21st Century. The key to reconcile ecology and urbanism is to collectively focus on how the urban and the hydro interact.

Welcome to Urban HydroLogics!

If you have a project that you’d like to see profiled on urban hydrologics, please get in touch at: urbanhydrologics@gmail.com

COPYRIGHT: We make every effort to provide appropriate credit and sources for all content that we publish. However, should you notice anything incorrectly credited, please contact us and we will gladly amend or remove the content.

This web portal was launched in 2009.

Coordinator & Editor:

Pedro Santa Rivera — specializes in Water Sensitive Urban Design. His experiences include: Integrated Stormwater Management, Landscape Master Planning, Green Infrastructure Strategies and WSUD Guidelines.

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