Dynamic Park along Mill River

The dynamic 14-acre park features a continuous programmed edge along the banks of Mill River, and a “green zipper” that brings together neighboring communities with downtown Stamford, in Connecticut. A native plant palette is employed across the park—a further expression of regionalism—allowing for educational experiences for residents and visitors.



The park, designed by OLIN, provides areas for active and passive recreation, including the Grand Steps, a series of plinths and boulders which invite users to engage with the river’s edge. Another key feature, the Great Lawn, is an expansive green carpet that provides flexible space for large events and a setting for waterfront entertainment. Thoughtfully placed benches and seating areas along pathways and overlooks encourage moments of contemplation and rest throughout the site. Paving materials were selected for their ability to withstand flood events. Historic stone walls are maintained, and indigenous stone boulders were unearthed from a nearby construction site and incorporated into the project as a celebration of local history and regional geology. Other programmatic functions, including movies, concerts, and fairs, are scheduled throughout the year by the Mill River Collaborative.

Text & Image Credits:

Text base source via landezine.com

Images source: OLIN

Text and Images via landezine.com

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