Liquifying Aquifer in Dry Futures

Dry Futures, An ideas competition seeking future-focused design responses to California’s drought, has announced winners and mentions. Liquifying Aquifer by Lujac Desautel, has been awarded 1st place in the Pragmatic category. The proposal asks: What if the Valley could have multiple drains placed around the city in contingent locations for maximum water replenishment back into the Aquifer?


The text from Archinect: The story of water in the San Fernando Valley is the by-product of the American frontier to the West and the seemingly unattainable ambitions to protect the mythicized image of lush palm trees and turquoise swimming pools. But, the illusion of water is on the cusp of extinction.


The San Fernando Valley is conceptualized as an archipelago of islands characterized by the infrastructures that sever its own territories. In between these forgotten corridors are the conduits, transportation networks, and energy easements that are a crutch to the livelihood of the Valley.

1_dry futures

The largest of these corridors, the Tujunga Wash cuts the valley in half by a 13 mile artificial river that sends every drop of water to the Pacific Ocean. Its adjacencies are anything but monotonous, rich, poor, industrial, mega malls, and the endless repetition of four-way intersections. The symbiosis of Liquifying Aquifers through public domain and water infrastructure aims to localize aquifer replenishment and operate to community specific needs.

Text via Archinect

Images via Archinect & Dry Futures

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