2015 Holcim Awards | Articulated Site: Water reservoirs as public park

A project for a public park in Medellín, Colombia that creates urban spaces around a series of water tanks to form a “socio-technical” landscape of magnificent beauty won the gold prize. The design opens up hidden infrastructure within the city to create a civic space at the intersection of architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and urban design. Urban_Hydrologics_reservoir_1 This project won the Global Holcim Awards Gold 2015: Articulated Site: Water reservoirs as public park | Medellín, Colombia By Mario Camargo and Luis Tombé, Colectivo720, with Juan Calle and Horacio Valencia, EPM Group (Empresas Públicas de Medellín) (all Colombia).Urban_Hydrologics_reservoir_2 The public space and pre-existing elements are transformed to create an outdoor auditorium and venues for a range of community activities that highlight the value of water as an important resource of urban life. Urban_Hydrologics_reservoir_4 Head of the Global Holcim Awards jury 2015, Mohsen Mostafavi, commended the project for its focus on improving the quality of life in the city. “The jury applauds the careful integration of the ensemble into the physical and social fabric of Medellín – in a scheme that is a model for best practice that could be emulated by other cities in Latin America and around the globe”, he said. Text & Images via Bustler — LINK Holcim Awards Gold 2015

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