Green Blocks: Programmable Greywater Storage

The project titled Green Blocks – North Parks| by Erik Lomeland, provides an interesting and innovative solution to water reuse in the context of the urban block typology.  Their idea (visible in the schematic water system diagram) addresses how water enters the building, is stored as greywater within the individual units and then distributed to the various green spaces.  The team’s description: “Water Reuse – To protect our most precious resource, the water system makes use of grey water from sinks & showers for use toward toilets and gardens, adding redundancy to the water supply and draining less from municipal & natural resources.”  This project was showcased in, a not-for-profit portal that focuses on developing the capacities for resilience in our cities to adapt and evolve.

Text excerpt credits:  Erik Lomeland_ ResilientCity.Org

Image credits: Erik Lomeland_ ResilientCity.Org

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