Bridging Climate Science & Water Management

The hydrological system is expected to experience some of the most considerable impacts of climate change, so the water resource management sector is facing a challenging future. By learning to interpret and work with climate projections, rather than historical data, water resource managers (WRMs) can be better prepared to meet these challenges. There is thus a need to address the gap between WRMs and climate scientists, so that the development of planning tools, management strategy, and general capacity takes potential changes brought by future climatic change into account.

The authors of the article (Katinka Wagsaether and Gina Ziervogel) state that “Bridging the Communication Gap” implies that climate science must be made available and comprehensible to WRMs, and that climate scientists and WRMs must collaborate to ensure that relevant information is produced and communicated.

“The need for collaboration and information sharing between the knowledge producers—the scientists—and the practitioners who manage human and ecological systems and who are the end users of the knowledge, is just as urgent as it was 100 years ago. The arrival of daunting climate change projections has over the last few decades increased the urgency and importance of improving the communication between scientists and practitioners.”
Text Excerpt Credits: Authors: Katinka Wagsaether and Gina Ziervogel, Environment Magazine, May-June 2011 | Article title: Bridging the Communication Gap: An Exploration of the Climate Science – Water Management Interface

Image Credits: ae.i.ou research & design

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