Buckminster Fuller Challenge | What if Water

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge is an annual international design Challenge awarding $100,000 to support the development and implementation of a strategy that has significant potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Among this year’s Semi-Finalists is Ecosistema Urbano’s proposal for a water purification system that works by natural processes. Titled “What if Water”, their project consists of macrophyte lagoons (to be sited throughout urban and suburban areas) that purify both grey and black waste water from nearby buildings and then help recirculate it for reuse, irrigation and other local uses.  To learn more about the project click HERE.

As part of their entry Ecosistema Urbano also created a very enlightening video that shows the logic and inner-workings of their community macrophyte lagoon system:

WHAT IF WATER, community macrophyte lagoons from ecosistemaurbano on Vimeo.

Text Excerpt Credits: Ecosistema Urbano  —  The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Image Credits: Ecosistema Urbano  —  “What If Water” Community Macrophyte Lagoons

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