Water recycling house | Shinkenchiku Comp.

Last month the winning entries of the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2010: “A New Spirit” were announced, and among them the “Water recycling house”, a proposal by Ogisadesign d’Espacio Architects, received the third prize award. Their intriguing scheme was a direct response to the juror’s (Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA) call for “newness in terms of the values at the very foundation of the house”. By focusing entirely on how the residential typology can be rethought through the logic of water-recycling, Ogisadesign d’Espacio succeeded in transforming the potential of residential architecture at its most fundamental level.

Water Recycling House | Ogisadesign d’Espacio Architects:

From a long time ago, people had lived in the waterside. After the civilization, people built up cities and constructed the infra-structure for the water supply. In the future, many rivers run dry and are contaminated because of environmental pollution. Water disappears. The price of water goes up more than 100 times. People must think about water conservation. They spend much money to buy drinking water. In case of the house, they should reuse the water for taking a shower, restroom and even washing dishes. That is to say, every house has its own “self water-recycling system”. So our question is how the water-recycling system does influence on how to build.

5 principles on the water recycle house:  -24hr water circulation |  -pumping through windmill |  -waterfall |  -sectional planning incorporated with water flow | -spatial planning incorporated with water flow. The water recycling house will be designed based upon the water flow.

For example, the structure of the water circulation defines the spatial structure and the form of the house. The level of water defines the section of the house and the programmatic distribution.  A new spirit of the future house is the answer of this question.  “Which factor does influence on how to build?”

Text Excerpt Credits: Ogisadesign d’Espacio Architects

Image Credits: Ogisadesign d’Espacio Architects

Competition Website: http://www.shinkenchiku.net/skc/en/index.html

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