Cities of the Future Conference | Stockholm

The Cities of the Future is a conference that will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from 22 – 25 May 2011. The objective of the conference is to highlight the need and benefits of integrating and emphasizing water in the planning of European cities of the future. This four day event will cover topics such as:  water as a quality in the urban landscape; water centric cities in planning and design; integrating water services with energy production and use of nutrients for agriculture; addressing the dilemma of aging infrastructure in the transition to a city of the future; innovative case studies from European cities; and governance aspects of integrating urban planning and water management.

“Cities of the Future is one of the leading programmes from the International Water Association. Its purpose is to address the emerging challenges in cities and develop new visions and concepts towards an ecological sustainable future in old or new, big or small, growing or shrinking cities. Planning for the development of water infrastructure is too often overlooked. Therefore it is our aim to deepen the interaction between planners and water professionals – and to show the strength in this new and innovative focus.  Water is a key element in urban planning and design, allowing for new developments in thinking and acting, making use of water as resource in all its aspects and preventing water-related problems in the future.”  For more information please visit the conference website. To download the invitation to register & preliminary program PDF click HERE.

Conference Organisers: Adrian Puigarnau, International Water Association | Frida Pettersson, CIT Urban Water Management AB
Cities of the Future Coordinator: Steve Moddemeyer, Principal for Sustainable Development

Text excerpt credits: Cities of the Future Conference
Image banner credits: Cities of the Future Conference

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