SBEnrc: Biophilic Urbanism in Australian Cities

Biophilic design is an urban design principle that identifies how cities can be planned for and/or retrofitted to incorporate a greater degree of the natural environment (i.e. green roofs, living walls, urban streams). When biophilic design and green infrastructure plans are coupled, the resulting urban form can promote water security through greater ability to capture runoff, energy security through decentralized embedded generation, and food security through the introduction of urban agriculture. The Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) is a key research broker between industry, government and research organizations for the built environment industry. Established on 1 January 2010, the SBEnrc’s goal is to build an enduring value-adding national research and development center in sustainable infrastructure and building with significant funding from Commonwealth, state and industry members around Australia and internationally. Visit the SBEnrc website HERE.

“The three research streams focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability, areas identified by national industry stakeholders as the key areas that will drive productivity and industry development in the built environment industry over the next ten years. This project will contribute to the understanding of key measures to harness the potential of biophilic urbanism in Australian cities, considering potential building and infrastructure practices and guidelines, appropriate policy mechanisms and associated barriers, limitations, and constraints. When these principles are integrated into city planning there can be significant benefits, such as improving social outcomes and well-being, improvements to business and productivity outcomes, and improved water cycle management. Biophilic design and green infrastructure planning will be significant contributors to Australia’s commitment to mitigation and adaptation, and align well with government’s vision of addressing population, participation and productivity related phenomena through more appropriate planning of our cities.”

Text excerpt and image banner credits: Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc)

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