UMBRELLA: LA’s CleanTech Corridor

In September 2010 AN and SCI-Arc launched the Los Angeles Clean Tech Corridor and Green District Competition that asked architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers, urban planners, students and environmental professionals to create innovative urban visions for Los Angeles’ CleanTech Corridor, a several-mile-long development zone on the eastern edge of downtown LA. This post presents the winning entry:  Project Umbrella by a team based in Oslo, Norway.  According to the designers, the proposal: “…reinterprets LA’s existing infrastructure by implementing a point‐based renewal strategy that will gradually transform the city grid into a greener and more attractive public space. Mushroom‐like structures named solar evaporators tap into the city’s sewage, collecting and clarifying the black water originating from the surrounding blocks.”

The designers of UMBRELLA (Constantin Boincean, Ralph Bertram, Aleksandra Danielak) further explain: “The clear water is distributed and released into the streets through a process of evaporation and condensation triggering a transformation into a network of lush, cultivated landscapes. Green webs spreading out from the evaporators generate incentives for new, sustainable developments. The central urban plazas become focal points for a gradual process of transformation that will affect the way people will see, use, and experience their city.”

Post via:  The Architect’s Newspaper & Bustler

UMBRELLA by Constantin Boincean, Ralph Bertram, Aleksandra Danielak | Oslo Norway

Professional Category First Place Award: $5000.00

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