NoPARK by NYU’s Environmental Health Clinic

NoPARK is an incredibly smart proposal made by Natalie Jeremijenko and NYU’s Environmental Health Clinic (  It basically consists of retrofitting the “no-parking” areas surrounding fire hydrants into biofilter gardens. If you add up all those un-used / no-parking zones per square mile you end up with a very feasible, logical and easily implementable solution to the non-point source pollution problem & other urban runoff issues. The xDesign Environmental Health Clinic is in the process of getting permission from the NYC Department of Transportation to install the small scale parks throughout the city.

Environmental Health Clinic’s description:

“These micro engineered green spaces prevent storm water run off, use foliage to stabilize the soil, and to provide a durable low maintenance surface cover. These microparks continue to provide emergency parking space for fire trucks and exasperated Fresh-direct delivery persons. But the other 99.9% of the time they now do something more. Practically, noPARKS capture more water than green roofs. These no parking/standing zones are often situated where water collects, capturing the oily runoff from the road before it runs into the river.”

Project page: HERE

Check out the map of already built NoParks!  HERE

Text Credits: Natalie Jeremijenko | NYU’s Environmental Health Clinic

Image credits: (


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